profonda conoscenza
I have heard it`s very useful to keep a diary in the language that you learn. So, I should try! Firstly, I want to say that today is the last day of my present life. Tomorrow is a new life with new challenges, aims and emotions. And work, of course!!! IT`S UNBELIEVABLE THAT I`M NOT A TYPICAL KIND OF CHAV! WHAT THE FUCK?
I cleaned my room some minutes ago, so it`s quite nice :) Well, my next problem is tomorrow`s outfit. I don`t know what to wear at all! typical women`s problem
Also, it seems to me that at first it`ll be hardcore, really. I dislike my class, I dislike people surrounding me at this school. However, I have chosen this way, not someone else. Although, on positive hand, I have an experience of taking part in such colorful (I mean so different with me) group of people. What`s more I enjoy myself in loneliness among them.
It`s extremely available for me.
Oh, keep the dairy in English is quite difficult at first, but I like it! :rotate: